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We want to understand your business and your real needs—what you’re hungry for. Then let’s get cooking.

Our Specialties

As a professional chef in a former life, Peter appreciates a well-cooked meal. Food should not simply be edible, it should be delicious. You see where we’re going with this?

Today's Menu

Poignant paragraphs, harrowing headlines

Clear Content Writing

Each letter on your site, every image, is a key ingredient of your message. We’re published poets & editors – we understand brevity, clarity and force, and when to use them.

Programmers, not robots

Robust, Appropriate Code

There are thousands of great coders out there. But how many engineers will actually consider how their work will serve those who use it? And support it, for years to come? We do.

tasty Graphic Design

Delicious, Effective Design

Visual, Experience, Interaction, Branding, Application, Editorial... As purposeful designers we understand: Truly memorable experiences come from a clarity of purpose.

We will help you get found

Proven SEO Results

We bake our SEO flavor into every site we build. But if you want that extra oomph to get your site or app more visible in search engines, put in your order.

social media can take you to the next level

Social Media Management

In addition to advising our clients with in-depth audits and recommendations, we offer workshops in planning and executing social media campaigns and strategy.

User Experience matters on all types of devices

User Experience Design

Every moment a visitor spends on your site should be a good one. We focus on the quality of that experience in each interaction. Focusing on your users is not just for breakfast anymore.


For more than 25 years, Pete has been implementing both client- and server-side Web and mobile development technologies. He has advised on and built systems for the U.S. Park Service, startups, corporations, festivals, conferences and more. He believes that good design, at every level, is not a luxury but a baseline. He acts as project lead on all Linking Arts productions.

Pete Jacobson, Founder

Strategic Consulting, Product Design

Lynn Rawden

UI, Graphic & Print Design

Kevin Chappell

Sr. Front-End Developer

Antonio Vassell

Sr. Full Stack Engineer


DevOps, SysAdmin & Infosec

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