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eCommerce & Warehouse Integration

Aviator Nation is best known for its colorful surf clothing and unique Southern California stores. Their clothing can be seen on everyone from actors to rockstars and everyday people. In 2011, AVN & their design partners approached Linking Arts to build out their Magento eCommerce solution.

Our initial mission: import their nearly 25,000 SKUs from a Wordpress storefront to Magento, implement a custom design, and launch in time for the holidays.

In the first 6 months, the AVN ecommerce store brought in more than $1 million in revenue, with sales worldwide.

Post-launch we delivered a custom connector to sync their web store with their warehouse and fulfillment service in real-time, plus built a pile of custom plugins to manage their UI as well as bulk product update tools.

Bespoke tours to India

Kashmiri personalized travel service India Caravans approached us with a simple goal: elevate their brand and convey their unique proposition to the North American market.

Their requirements were: give them a site that was responsive for mobile devices and easy for staff to manage. Write all the content. And don't make it look like all the rest.

Though their project isn't one of our largest it's a great example of something we love to do: We love helping businesses shape their online presence, and helping focus their message.

Though the site launched only recently we've already heard customers say they love how it's “miles above anything else out there!”

UX for a Facebook Contest Takeover

A boutique NYC ad agency brought us in to lead their UX process for a complicated Facebook takeover app to coincide with the national introduction of a new Starbucks product.

Though they were very clear about what they wanted, they did not pretend to know the intricacies of User Experience Design.

We met with them, the Starbucks team, and the gaming company who would work with them to deliver some of the national aspects of the campaign, and led them through a multi-week process to document every interaction their customers would encounter.

We'd love to do the same for your social media, product, or app campaign.

An International Non-Profit Site for Kids

UK nonprofit MEND has a sophisticated, research-based program to help kids manage their weight and improve their health. They needed an online counterpart to an extensive print-based program

They had some pre-existing systems built with the Drupal CMS, so Linking Arts worked with their existing infrastructure to deliver a highly customized, brightly designed and kid-friendly system to support the MEND mission.

Kids were able to track progress, get points for meeting goals and more, all within a fun and usable interface. And parents had their own logins to manage their childrens' progress and communications.

National Park Service Route 66 Historic Preservation

The Santa Fe, N.M. office of the US National Park Service had a simple handful of web pages built in the late 90s. Linking Arts had the opportunity to work with their IT dept to build a hybrid site with a Wordpress CMS to handle content updates and a custom database to allow public access to their grants database.

The department had huge amounts of data that had really never seen the light of day. As huge fans of America's Mother Road, we jumped at the chance to figure out a way to get that fascinating information out of the file cabinets and onto the WWW.

A kids play place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We're inveterate travelers, so any work we can get around the world ranks high on our lists. The founders of Roombo called on us to build them a customized, multilingual site.

The Linking Arts team created every element of the site as well as the brand identity, print materials and site content.

It's business AND it's personal.

Choosing a development and creative team should not be a decision made lightly. Nor should it be thought of as a one-off, short-term project. We truly want to understand your business and that takes effort. What's more, online products are not like print - they need maintaining, you have ideas to improve them, it's ongoing. Work with us and you'll be working with a company who want to be there with you for the long haul.

You aren’t running a software business. You have other fish to fry. Let us do the frying.

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