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"A startup is an organization in search of a business model"
— Steve Blank, The Startup Owner’s Manual

Going from Idea to MVP ain't easy, and we know because we've been there. As the founders of both a tech startup and web development company (not to mention a tamale company & a café), we know and understand the needs of entrepreneurs with a great idea who simply need guidance executing that idea.

While we love building products, we also advise and consult with startup founders to help you find the best solution to ensure sales and growth. From weekly sprints to agile development methods, our goal is to use our 30+ years combined experience in web development, SEO, User Experience Design, Social Media and business to help our clients create a product that their customers love, use and spread the word about.

Wedocracy: Social Wedding Planning for the 21st Century

We run our own lifestyle tech startup as well. We built a system to plan our own wedding, and since that time we've launched a full fledged LLC and received funding from New Orleans' PowerMoves. So we know firsthand what founders go through on a daily basis, and aren't just consulting from a theoretical perspective.

Since launch, wedOcracy has weddings in 12 countries and 5 continents and reached the first page of search engines for "social wedding planning." Linking Arts continues to maintain the company's web, social media, and SEO presence. wedOcracy will be launching a mobile app in 2016.

Product Design & Development, Branding, Code (CakePHP + Javascript), SEO, UX + UI Design, Content Writing, Business Development, Fundraising, Social Media Marketing, Secretarial, Customer Service, Tech Support... you get the picture

An SEO, Social Media and Strategy Audit for a New Orleans-based Art Market Startup

In 2014, Linking Arts connected with Cat Todd & Collin Ferguson, the founders of Where Y’art, an online gallery and social networks where artists and art lovers come together to showcase and buy art. In 2015, they came to us with a clear goal: Increase sales. They also came to us with a solution: “We need a mobile app.” Despite our passion for mobile app development we advised them to let us first dig deeper and see how we could help them reach their goal.

Since then, we’ve built them a blog and advised on content; maintained and upgraded their backend code; conducted a social media workshop for their artists and continue to advise them on their online strategy.

Consulting, Laravel, Wordpress, Social Media, SEO

A private social network for high net-worth people

A well-known New York hedge fund group engaged Linking Arts to lead a large-scale social network project that would serve their 2 global conferences and become the go-to “Facebook for Executives”

In just 4 months we put together an end-to-end team of designers, developers, QA testers and writers to deliver a complete platform for desktop, iOS, Android and (believe it or not) Blackberry.

Consulting, Agile Process, Scrum Master, Project Management, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Blackberry, SEO, UX + UI Design

The first video greenscreen app for iPhone

What Linking Arts did for Reeldoozy was literally unprecedented. Up to that point no one had ever implemented real-time green-screen video app for iOS.

We relished the challenge and came up with a way to allow people to add their own live video backgrounds to a library chroma-keyed videos, some of which were available for in-app purchase.

Linking Arts also built their entire online marketing presence, managed the project, and built every aspect of the app from wireframe to app-store content.

UX + UI Design, Branding, iOS Development, Mobile Video, Web Development, Content Writing

Gamified, location-based discounts

Linking Arts took over development and refactored the code and UX of a New York-based web application, fixing long-standing bugs and upgrading the usability of the site. For starters.

Next we revamped the brand identity, built out the geo-location features the mobile app depended on (both on the server and for iOS), and got them on the right foot to go after funding and to launch the product.

Consulting, Identity Design, Custom PHP & Javascript, iOS, UX + UI Design

A tech startup is not a "normal business." It's a special beast.

And startup entrepreneurs are not normal people. We certainly aren't. So we can relate to the unique challenges that face every visionary who wants to bring a product to market that’s never been tried before, or who has a better take on an existing solution and needs trustworthy, experienced guidance and partners to make it a reality.

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